Heads up photograph of Steve Townsend.

Chief Executive Officer

Steve brings more than 20 years of CEO-level experience managing technology businesses that provide effective solutions for courts and court reporting professionals worldwide. As CEO, he led FTR Ltd to become the market leader in courtroom digital recording solutions with more than 25,000 courtroom installations in 42 countries around the world.

Head shop photograph of Erick Lige

VP Sales & Marketing

Erik has more than two decades of experience in the legal services industry. As FTR’s VP of Sales, Erik managed the Company’s international direct sales effort and built a global channel with more than 275 reseller partners. After leaving FTR, along with Steve Townsend, Erik became co-owner and VP at AVTranz, one of the largest dedicated court transcription firms in the U.S.

Headshot of Rob Gamble

Business Development Manager

Rob brings over 30 years of experience in various sales, marketing, and business development roles in high-tech, the legal/law enforcement services industry, and insurance markets. His most recent experience includes 11 years in Business Development and Marketing at Allstate Insurance Company. Prior to Allstate, Rob spent 8 years at FTR in various Sales and Distribution Channel roles. After leaving FTR, Rob established his own consultancy business for 4 years serving the legal/law enforcement/public meeting markets.

Heads up photograph of Seth.

Director Engineering

With over 20 years experience at companies both large and small, Seth leads the technology efforts of TRX​. Seth began his engineering career at Goldman Sachs where he developed Asset Management solutions for the GS equities division.

Heads up photograph of team member Brandon.

Director Customer Success

Brandon Townsend earned a Bachelor's Degree in Network Communications Management from Devry University. He is well-versed in digital recording and playback solutions.